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If you have swollen legs or ankles but it doesn’t seem to be inflammation from an injury, it may be edema (swelling due to fluid retention) instead. At Vascular Surgery Associates Medical Group, serving Beverly Hills and the Greater Los Angeles area from office locations in Beverly Grove, Santa Monica, and Glendale, California, the vascular experts specialize in identifying the cause of edema and working with you to treat it. Schedule your edema evaluation by phone or book online at Vascular Surgery Associates Medical Group today.

Edema Q & A

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What is edema?

Edema is swelling, usually in the legs, feet, and ankles, because of fluid retention in your tissues. It’s widespread and has many different causes, some of which are more serious than others. 

Anyone can experience edema, but the likelihood of getting it increases with age, and you’re more likely to have it when you’re pregnant. Beyond the visible swelling, other symptoms in the affected areas can include stretched, shiny skin, and aching or joint pain. 

Vascular Surgery Associates Medical Group examines you to determine what kind of edema you have and what’s causing it. If you have swelling that concerns you, you should schedule a visit and find out if it needs professional care. 

What causes edema?

There are many potential causes behind edema, several of which are vascular conditions and complications. Some causes of edema are lifestyle factors, while others are medical conditions or medications. 

When you visit Vascular Surgery Associates Medical Group with edema, the team asks questions about your medical history and might order tests to find out what’s causing your edema. Possible causes include:

  • Standing or sitting too long
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Poor nutrition
  • Too much salt in your diet
  • Pregnancy

When edema in the legs comes from cardiovascular disease, varicose veins often appear. This is because edema is a sign that the weak valves in your veins are having a hard time working against gravity to push blood upward toward your heart. 

How is edema treated?

Vascular Surgery Associates Medical Group treats your edema according to the condition causing it. Often, swelling in areas like the legs requires multiple treatment approaches and lifestyle changes. 

The team gives you tips and treatment strategies to ease the swelling and improve other symptoms that come with edema, like stiffness and aching. 

Depending on the underlying cause, you may be able to reduce swelling by:

  • Elevating your legs
  • Wearing compression stockings
  • Exercising regularly 
  • Consuming more B vitamins
  • Eating less salt
  • Massaging the affected area
  • Taking certain medications, like diuretics

The Vascular Surgery Associates Medical Group team might request that you come back for a follow-up visit after taking medications or undergoing treatments for your edema or its underlying causes. 

If you have edema, want to know more about what causes it and how to manage it, call Vascular Surgery Associates Medical Group or schedule an appointment online today.