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Prominent forehead arteries can get larger when you drink, exercise, sneeze, or do other things that increase pressure in the vessels. Serving Beverly Hills and the Greater Los Angeles area from office locations in Beverly Grove, Santa Monica, and Glendale, California, Vascular Surgery Associates Medical Group treats prominent blood vessels on the forehead using temporal artery ligation. To schedule a consultation for the treatment, call the nearest office or book an appointment online today.

Temporal Artery Ligation Q & A

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What causes prominent temporal arteries?

If you see bulging blood vessels on the sides of your forehead, they could be your temporal arteries. Prominent temporal blood vessels especially stand out if you’re balding or if your hair is thinning. They become more pronounced at certain times, like after exercise, when you’re angry, or when you drink alcohol. 

Bulging vessels in the temples are not usually cause for concern, but you might not like how they look. If they come with throbbing pain, a continuous headache, fatigue, or other symptoms, they may signify a vascular condition called temporal arteritis. 

Temporal arteritis needs treatment quickly because the condition can lead to vision problems, aneurysms, and other serious health complications. However, cosmetic treatment options are available even if you find that your bulging temporal arteries are not from temporal arteritis. 

What is temporal artery ligation?

Vascular Surgery Associates Medical Group offers temporal artery ligation as a treatment for prominent forehead blood vessels. They inject local anesthesia before the procedure to ensure you don’t feel pain or discomfort throughout the process. 

During the treatment, the team makes a small incision in your temple near the start of the bulging temporal artery; then, they tie it off to stop blood flow before cutting it in half. At this point, blood can no longer go through the artery and will have to travel through other blood vessels in the region. 

The entire temporal artery ligation procedure takes just 30-60 minutes. The team closes the small incision with a dissolving stitch and a thin line of glue. 

What are the results of temporal artery ligation?

Shortly after you finish your temporal artery ligation treatment, you might find that the temporal artery appears even larger than before, but this is normal; the artery should get smaller over a few days. 

Within a day, you can return to all of your typical tasks and activities, including exercise. You need to keep the incision site clean and avoid submerging it in water before it has fully healed. You might see some slight bruising, but this goes away rapidly too.

Most people experience positive results with just one temporal artery ligation treatment. However, if you can still see the artery, you may need a second procedure. 

Call Vascular Surgery Associates Medical Group or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about temporal artery ligation and find out if you can benefit from it.